Eco Lifestyle in Makro stores

Eco Lifestyle in Makro stores

We recognise South African consumers' preference for in-store shopping experiences. That is why we've strategically collaborated with established local companies, expanding our reach and bringing the Eco Lifestyle brand directly to local communities.

Our latest venture includes the placement of our ECO backpacks and luggage sets in Makro stores nationwide, a move that has already given us social proof of promising results. We spoke not only to the buyers for feedback but to the customers in-store because, at the end of the day c, customer feedback is the most important; it is, for us, the most essential part. It helps us improve the styles, colors, and features and give them what they want.  

We live in a world marked by rapid digital transformation. However, it's crucial to acknowledge the persistence of traditional shopping behaviors, which are still a significant way most South Africans shop. While the shift towards e-commerce is undeniable, the key to sustainable brand growth is finding the delicate balance between online and in-store experiences. People still value the tangible connection – the ability to see, touch, and experience a product firsthand. So, we cannot remove that from them as it is still vital for the final purchase decision-making. 

This blend of e-commerce and traditional retail strengthens our brand presence and resonates with our valued customers' diverse preferences.

As we navigate the evolving retail landscape, Eco Lifestyle remains dedicated to providing exceptional products and experiences, ensuring that our customers can access our offerings in the ways that matter most to them.

Giving our customers what they need enables us to flourish on both digital and physical shelves across South Africa.