9 Ways to a Minimal Lifestyle

9 Ways to a Minimal Lifestyle

Eco Lifestyle strives on innovation to us that means producing and offering products that promotes minimalism yet offers usability.

The saying "less is more" is something we should all focus on. Having less unnecessary items doesn't just free up space in your home but in your mind as well. 

As a brand we focus on space-saving furniture such as our kitchen trolley's which is not only made with sustainable materials such as pinewood and bamboo but can be used in multiple ways. They incorporate cutting board on top, shelves, wine rack, and have wheels so it does not necessarily have to be used just as a kitchen trolley but also to serve food or as a portable bar man too! 

is more than decluttering and simplifying alone. While those are important parts of the minimalist journey, truly embracing minimalism involves shifting the way you think about many different aspects of your life as well. All of which leads you to adopt and shift to a minimalist mindset.

Let's dive into the term minimalism. What is it all about?

Well it is about committing to owning less, focusing on products or items that can do more rather than having a few items to do the same role in your home. In order to start your journey towards a minimal lifestyle you need to understand it doesn't happen overnight this is a lifestyle change, just like if you were to diet or start going for morning walks. This is something done slowly as you will needs to start changing your views on what is needed in your and why you may own so much things, when in fact you don't really use them much. 

According to research these new "habits" as we can call it. Tend to happen due to intentionally trying to save costs from over spending (Becker, 2019). But can also occur consciously due to wanting to focus on living in the present and to focus on things that matter to us more. 

Your lifestyle journey towards minimalism requires changing your mindset, to what we like to call as the minimalist mindset shift. Let us dive into 9 reasons to start your journey towards this way of life. 

1. Value experiences over physical things 

Once you’ve committed to changing your mindset from constantly needing things to focus that energy to spend time on experiences such as go for a walk in the great outdoors breathing fresh air while getting great Vitamin D from the sun you'll see realise you don't need a new cellphone to feel better you can do other activities to feel the same sense of a feel good factor. Try create lasting memories whether with friends or family. 

2. Stop buying things you don’t really need

Minimalism, requires you to become more aware of what you do, you will second guess yourself before buying unnecessary items. If you have a dog, and his pet leash brakes buying a new one doesn't break this, its more to do with having recently buying a new kitchen pot, two days later you see online a new kitchen pot thats in your favourite colour. Buying that item would be unnecessary. You need to think about what you bring into your space. Focus on buying things that adds value to your life.

Take for example you move into a new apartment, we offer 17 piecies kitchen sets that includes your needed, utensils, knives, pots, pan, cutting board, containers and so on. 

3. Be aware about what you allow into your home 

Okay so you've made it this far... You have spent the time decluttering and minimising your home what is next? It is now time to focus on brining things in that will offer you some from of benefit in your home. It is time to be aware about what you let in your space in the first place. 

Let's say you are into braai, you've thrown away all your old or rusted tools and now looking for a new set. Try look for a set that offers everything in one. We offer a wide range of braai tool sets that some even come with an apron which is used to hold tools when not in use. Now that is keeper!

4. Focus on owning less rather than decluttering more often

After shifting to  a minimalist mindset, you stop the cycle of decluttering, then buying more, then decluttering again. You are now aware that owning less is much easier and beneficial for you and your home. Really focus on life changes and what you NEED because of the value it brings to your life.

5. Awareness of your time

Minimalism is not just about your “stuff”. It is about saying NO to habits that don’t align with what you value. As well as being able to recognise that your time is your most valuable resource and so you need to ensure you make the most of it. You can always replace an item but never a moment again in your life. 

6. Understanding happiness is not from “items” itself

Stop having the mindset once you get the latest “smartphone”, you’ll finally feel happy with all its new features. NO, this isn't true at the end of the day its just a newer version of a phone that will be updated every year, indefinitely. The happiness of new items is gained from all the hard work and long hours of saving up for it. Focus rather on self-worth not what you own and work for what you value so if you truly feel an upgrade on your current phone is what you need. Then the joy must be the process of getting there. But at the end of the day it can never determine your happiness only you can.

7. Do not comparing yourself to others 

The saying “keeping up with the Joneses” means to have better or at least on par items as other is a very difficult mindset to live up to. You will never feel the sense of I have enough. Rather focusing on loving what you do have and being thankful for it, is a much healthier mindset to have. Comparison is the true thief of joy as you constantly have the feeling you need more in order “keep up”. 

8. Do not fear scarcity in your home

We all say sometimes to ourselves "let me keep it just incase". The truth is if you aren't going to use it now, you will most likely never will use it. Focus on a clutter free home use what you really need and spend that time seeing friends and family or go on an adventure. I am sure a friend or family will have what you need and  worst case scenario you find an alternative. 

9. Organising is not always the answer 

It is easy for to belief that by better organising our homes we do not have to get rid of too much things but that is not true. Organising will allow to see what you really need and what you do not need but should not be used as a scapegoat to avoid becoming minimalistic. Focus on the root of the problem not the shot-term fixes. This will give yourself lasting results by making your home easier to manage and free up both time and space in your home and your life.

Move towards a Minimalist Mindset Overtime

Now that you have been exposed to 9 reasons to move to a making a change of your lifestyle in your home and find better ways to spend that time. I would like to conclude by saying ever in life making changes whether small or large is not easy. You need to do it slowly and consistently. This is about being aware of your habits and really focus on what you love and value.

Minimalism is only one form of making an improvement to your wellbeing and home. This will not happen overnight its a lifestyle change so be prepared for a new journey! Embrace it, learn and keep going.

Stop listening to anyone that tells you more is better. For some it will take longer than others and that is okay. Focus on the end goal that is the long-term lifestyle change to a minimalism as a lifestyle, once your mindset starts changing towards this you will notice a big change in your life!


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