Comfort in Nature

Comfort in Nature

What do you get when a fashion designer and surfer collab?

Introducing your Kymani backpack! Where fashion and functionality collide for those driven by the outdoors and drawn to thoughtful design. Kymani was started by a young woman working in the fashion industry and a young man who spends most of his time outdoors and in the ocean. “Comfort in Nature” is their motto and their mission, which has no doubt been achieved and exceeded when looking at their Kymani backpacks. On first glance, it is very clear that this backpack has been created with an eye that understands fashion. The colours, lines, shapes and dimensions of this bag are (for a lack of a more accurate word to describe it) flippen cool!

On second glance, after opening your Kymani backpack and exploring all the thoughtful additions and innovative design choices, it is clear this backpack has been designed with the adventurer in mind! The founders question through every design choice and step in the creative process was “how can we make a hike or beach trip better”, which is clearly answered when looking at every thoughtful detail on their Kymani backpack. Designed for ultimate comfort and convenience on any adventure no matter how big or small, your Kymani backpack will make the journey easier and the destination even more satisfying!

Starting from the outside, the Kymani backpack is made from durable, weatherproof and lightweight Ripstop material that allows you to adventure no matter the weather and be assured your belongings are safe. Multiple outside compartments and pockets also ensure you have enough space for all your essentials and more, with three outside pockets and a water bottle holder. Designed to make your life more comfortable, this backpack has a very unique feature of a lightweight and foldable chair that can be attached and detached with ease, allowing you to take a seat wherever and whenever you wish!

Designed to carry your lifestyle and preserve the planet, the Kymani backpack has been locally manufactured in an ethical and sustainable way by using up-cycled materials wherever possible. Other cool features of the Kymani backpack include: Insulated Lining to keep your food and drink fresh and cold on your adventures. A fully padded Laptop Compartment which allows you to work on the go. Durable straps made from recycled seatbelts which make them as comfortable and strong as they are eco-friendly. A PVC Base allowing you to put your bag down anywhere without worrying about wear or tear. Tempotest Flaps that are oil and water repellent, as well as easy to clean. Zip Closures and Buckles that secure your belongings while on missions.

As a brand, Kymani is a fellow contributor to 1% For the Planet, meaning 1% of their sales goes to the funding of environmental innovation and solutions. Your Kymani backpack is kind to the environment and at the same time environment-proof, allowing you to adventure with peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure no matter the terrain. “Comfort in Nature” is their motto, which we believe resonates with their Kymani backpack, allowing you to adventure consciously and sustainably and ensuring you always have a first class seat no matter where you are!

Now live on our website, explore the endless thoughtful details of the Kymani backpack and make your next adventure the most comfortable one yet!


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