Overcome the Summer Slump!

Overcome the Summer Slump!

Make this Back2School Season the Least Slump-full One Yet!

The Back-to-School transition can be a stressful and tiring time for parents, but it is also an overwhelming time for students being shocked back into a disciplined routine from one day to the next. Especially for younger children, returning to school after a summer of fun and no set routine can be confusing, frustrating and lead to decreased productivity. This is what is known as the “Summer Slump”, a phenomenon which has been used for many years to describe the decline in academic performance of children when returning to school after the summer holidays. Although the summer slump is often unavoidable, it can still be overcome by adopting a few principles and practices in your home during this back-2-school season.
The keywords during this time are comfort and confidence. Making sure your kids feel comfortable in every sense of the word and confident when leaving for school every morning is essential in making this transition back into the school routine less slump-full. Although feeling confident and comfortable goes much deeper than the physical sense of the words, physical comfort is often a good starting point. Introducing our Back-2-School series! Catering for students of all ages, we have a wide variety of backpacks and stationery sets from fun and playful designs for primary school children to more mature and spacious designs for high school and university students.
Browse our Back2School collection for backpacks and other school essentials that will jumpstart the school year in a positive way! Besides having comfortable and stylish backpacks that encourage confidence, overcoming the summer slump relies heavily on reintroducing a structured routine in a non-aggressive way.
Here are two simple practices to introduce into your home that will encourage your children to look forward to the first day of school:
Celebrate “School Year’s Eve”. Make the night before school fun and interactive by playing games, having a special dinner or even opening a small present to change the narrative that the night before school has to be stressful and somber.
Back2School supply scavenger hunt! Kids are very reward-driven, so why not make the mundane task of packing their school backpacks feel like a game with prizes? Hide your children’s school stationary around the house and garden and have them search for them in an interactive scavenger hunt.
Let’s make this #Back2School season the least slump-full one yet!


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