The Power of Scent: Aromatherapy in your Home

The Power of Scent: Aromatherapy in your Home

Aromatherapy refers to the subtle and gentle power of fragrance to enhance your home and in turn enhance your life. With the ability to alter energies and improve moods, the use of candles and diffusers in your home is believed to be the most natural form of magic available to us. Although “aromatherapy” may sound like a conscious and intentional act, it simply refers to the ability of scents to improve one’s mental state and alter the mood in your environment. Whether it's intended or not, lighting a candle or using a diffuser in your home or workplace has many benefits beyond purifying the air and making the room smell good. Depending on what scent you choose, the aromatherapy of lighting candles and using diffusers can drastically shift energies toward a more productive, calm, focused, and energized environment. Though scented candles and diffusers are beneficial no matter what scent you choose or where they are placed, here’s a short guide to scents and their specific effects on an environment:

Fruity and Citrus scents such as our Fresh Lemon and Honeydew Melon candles and Lemongrass diffuser with a light and summery aroma are known for their energizing and uplifting effect on an environment. These scents also eliminate any strong or musk odors in a room and replace them with fresh fruity notes that clear both the air and your mind.

Floral scents such as our Black Rose and Sweet Syringa and Jasmine candles are ideal for home or office use as they are known for their anxiety-reducing and calming yet energizing powers. Place these candles in any room to ignite an atmosphere that will encourage cognitive performance with reduced stress levels and a calm mind. 

Linen scents such as our White Linen and Fresh Linen candles mix the soft notes of sun-dried cotton with subtle notes of citrus and floral to freshen any room. Linen scents are known for their comforting and calming properties as we associate them with self-care and they remind us of home. 

Holiday-specific scents such as our Christmas-themed diffusers and candles are also a great way to ignite the holiday spirit in your home with notes of peppermint, cinnamon, sweet treats, and freshly baked cookies. And for those that want to get in the holiday spirit without distracting from the delectable smells of their holiday cooking, we offer unscented holiday-themed candles to set the mood. No matter the occasion or mood you’re trying to set, we have a scent for every intent.


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