Why Solar is Superior

Why Solar is Superior

What’s something that you use but never runs out, you feel but never touch and you preserve it by using it MORE? The sun, essentially. But solar energy to be more specific. 

Solar energy is the most abundant resource we have with 10,000 times more energy striking the earth every split-second than the world’s total energy use! Pretty cool right? What’s even cooler is that you can make a one-time purchase of a solar power light and it will keep running without any cost to yourself or our environment. You don’t even have to switch it on and off, these lights will store solar rays during the day and illuminate themselves when the sun goes down. Being solar powered, these lights come at no cost besides the initial purchase (which is as little as R189 per light) and will continue to charge themselves as long as the sun is in the sky (aka: they have a LONG lifespan). 

By purchasing solar lights and eventually replacing all your portable rechargeable lights with solar lights, you will experience and contribute towards these cool things:

Saving money in the long-term as solar lights are renewable and don’t require regular battery changes or add to your electricity bill. Solar lights recharge themselves daily and last much longer than battery-powered or wall-rechargeable lights. The initial investment in a solar light (as little as R189) will be more than made up for overtime as this is a once-off payment. Solar lights are entirely self-sufficient and renewable meaning they very rarely break down or degrade and don’t rely on any source of electricity besides the sun.

Cheaper and more reliable home security as these lights are not connected to your home's electricity meter and are not affected by loadshedding. Solar lights are an unlimited and independent source of power as they are fueled by the sun rather than relying on an energy grid. In South Africa where loadshedding is here to stay, investing in solar lights as a source of home security is not only a cost-effective investment but a necessary one.

Decreased carbon footprint as solar lights are an eco-friendly and sustainable power source. As opposed to traditional lights that are connected to power plants or require toxic batteries, solar lights are fully green as they are powered by the sun alone. 

Ditch the batteries to save both the environment and your money. Batteries are not only an expensive source of power, but they are also extremely toxic and full of harmful chemicals that pollute the water and air when discarded. The harmful chemicals from batteries find their way into water supplies when they are thrown away which harms and destroys many ecosystems. 

To use on camping trips, in your garden, or as house lights when loadshedding hits, solar lights will save both your money and the planet no matter where or how you use them.


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