Join the movement

By you partnering with us we can solve the issue of collection and sorting of goods. The eco-cycle boxes in your stores can help customers create a habit of acceptance and preference to purchase reusable bags and an easy way to recycle them.

Why we choose to be certified member

In short, proof that we are using sustainable business practices and processes. Today, 92% of South Africans say that the topic of sustainability is importantto them, yet only 58% claim to be living sustainably.

Easily recycle

Our concept allows customers to dispose of their pre-loved reusable bags. The throw-in hole dimension is 160mm, making it a considerable size to keep it neatly out of sight while being visible enough.

Help your customers to recycle

We have partnered with a local business. Who's sole purpose is to recycle and recover raw materials in an ecologically friendly process.All pre-loved shoppers that will be delivered to them can be fully recycled and repurposed into underfelt, blankets, and pads from recycled shopper bags.

The recycle process

Presently their total consumption of recycled fibre is 50 tons daily. That equals 2.7 million plastic bottles per month.Meaning it will no longer end up in our landfills and in our oceans. Allowing us to continuously recycle and reuse the materials even after use.

The benefits

Support the circular economy.Remove illegal textile goods from the economy to protect local jobs.Prevent textile goods from ending up in a landfill.Clean up the environment to prevent illegal dumping of textile goods.Provide a means, whereby it can be repurposed to find a new life.

The eco-cycle box

It is made locally from 100% recyclable cardboard. It comes flat-packed for ease of transporting and with recycled plastic bags.