Conscious Commitment

By shopping with us, you are not only preserving our environment directly but, also contributing to a bigger impact. With our commitment and your support, we can make a difference.

Do good, through us

We are a lifestyle brand with a passion for our people and planet, and so we became a proud member of the 1% for the Planet. A global movement that enables us the opportunity to support environmental activists. We believe it aligns with our ethos of ‘conscious shopping’.

Saving our planet for future generations

A portion of our annual sales is donated to the 1% for the Planet. To support South African and global NGOs, by providing them with the funding needed to preserve and protect our planet. We support environmental causes to plant trees, clean our oceans and protect wildlife.

Repurposed our packaging

We encourage our customers to reuse the packaging of their purchases. We made a campaign to showcase how to re-purpose it, instead of letting it end up in our landfills and our oceans. Our sustainable packaging can be reused by painting them for a storage box at home or it can be used as a pot plant for herbs in your kitchen.

Travel sustainably

Stylish, practical and for our planet. Together we are tackling environmental issues from all angles, in style. Designed in Italy, we bring Africa's first sustainably crafted lining made with recycled materials and in recycled packaging, which saves 2kgs of ocean-bound plastic.
Social Responsibility

Below are the core reasons why we became a member for 1% for the Planet.